CBSE Notes For Class 6 Civics Chapter 6 Urban Administration

CBSE Notes For Class 6 Civics Social Science Chapter 6 Urban Administration

A city is much bigger and spread out than a village. In the cities, there is a big organisation called the Municipal Corporation. The works of the Municipal Corporation include the following

  • It ensures that diseases do not spread in the city.
  • It runs schools, hospitals and dispensaries.
  • It makes gardens and maintains them.
  • In smaller towns, the organisation that carries out these works is called a Municipal Council.

The Ward Councillor And Administrative Scarf

  • The city is divided into different wards, and ward councillors are elected. The complex decisions are taken by groups of councillors who form committees to decide and debate issues. These decisions affect the entire city.
  • For example, if a bus stand needs to be improved, or a crowded marketplace needs to be cleaned regularly, then the committees for water, garbage collection, street lighting, etc decide on the work to be done.
  • When the problems are within a ward, then the people who live in the ward can contact their councillors.
  • The decisions made by councillor’s committees are implemented by the commissioner and the administrative staff.
  • The councillors are elected by the people and the commissioner and administrative staff are appointed. All the ward councillors meet and prepare a budget and the money is spent according to it.
  • There are different departments in the Municipal Corporation for the implementation of different works such as the water department, garbage department, etc.

Source Of Money For Municipal Corporation

  • The Municipal Corporation requires money to provide and run so many services. It collects the money in different ways.
  • A tax is a sum of money that people pay to the government for the services which the government provides. It is of different types such as the property tax, education tax, water tax, etc.
  • Property tax is 25-30 per cent of the money earned by the Municipal Corporation.

CBSE Notes For Class 6 Civics Chapter 6 A Community Protest

  • When people face any problem in their ward, they can protest for it to the ward councillor.
  • For this, a signed petition is to be submitted to the ward councillor describing the problem. The petitions are forwarded to the Municipal Corporation office which solves the issues.

Sub-contracting: The Municipal Commissioners of several municipalities hire private contractors to collect and process garbage in order to save money which is known as sub-contracting.

The contract workers receive less salary and their job is temporary. They are also exposed to dangerous conditions and do not have access to safety measures.

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